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How to go from online dating to real-life dating

It's possible to meet a great person online. In many cases, you will meet them on dating sites like Match.com and spend days, weeks, or even months talking to each other before deciding to meet in person. Meeting in real life is a big step, and many people feel that they can trust the other person by the point they decide to meet. After all, if you've been conversing with someone for a long time online, isn't it safe to meet them in person? Not so fast. While in the vast majority of cases, it's perfectly safe to meet someone in person after you've gotten to know them online, this is not always the case. For this reason, it's always better to play it safe. If you aren't convinced that it's better to be safe than sorry, just check out these cases where an online date resulted in murder.




Fortunately, if you follow a couple simple guidelines, such incidents can be completely avoided. So what should you do to make sure someone you met on Match.com (for which you can get a free trial for Match.com by going to Coupon Leaf.com), Eharmony, or some other dating site is trustworthy? Here are some tips:

  1. Trust your instincts. If something fishy is going on, there will be odd warning signs here and there. Sometimes, it can be just a feeling. Whatever the case, if you feel something is not right, do not rush into a situation just because you want to move things forward.
  2. Do a background check on your potential date before actually meeting in person. This may seem like a hassle, and in most cases, it DOES cost some money. However, most background checking services only charge about $20 for a number of checks, which is still less than a one month membership at Match.com or a similar site. And $20 isn't a lot to spend for some peace of mind.
  3. Meet at a public place during your first outing. This can be a cafe, a restaurant, a bar, or similar location. Do not go to their home or any private location. The first meeting must be in public, no exceptions. If your date is emphatic about meeting in some private space, consider that a warning sign.

As you can see, there are only a handful of guidelines you need to keep in order to ensure that you will have a safe dating experience. A lot of times, a good online relationship may not translate into real world chemistry. When this is the case, you need to move on and talk to other people, until you decide to meet the next person. You many need to go through this iteration a few times before you find the right person. That is why it's important to have a protocol in place about how to approach a real world encounter. Hopefully, the quick tips provided above will help you navigate through the online dating world safely.


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