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What are some of the best perfumes in the world?


Not all of us can afford the finest perfumes in the world, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to learn a bit about them. On this page I will provide some of the best perfumes I have encountered over the years. I only include natural perfumes that are considered some of the best that are available today. With that said, here is my list.


1. Jannutul Firdous

This is an indian fragrance consisting of a variety of aromas. It has a definite floral scent and you will no doubt smell the citrus. Jannutal Firdous means garden of paradise, and it is a great choice for those in the middle east as well as those living elsewhere such as the United States.


2. Bakhoor

This is a floral scent perfume which is characterized by a rich musk blend. It is soft and sensual, and provides a strong scent. Even one drop goes a long way with this perfume.


3. Bint El Madina

Bint El Madina is also a musky scent with a woody flavor to go along with it. It is quite popular in the middle east and India, and offers a strong scent that will go along with almost anything.


4. Jewel of the Nile

A floral rose scent, Jewels of the Nile is also an excellent choice. This rich fragrance offers a scent similar to black rose, lavender, and magnolia, among others. Even a mere drop is sufficient to make you stand out when using this strong and elegant scent.


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